Design Build Services

We have found the most beneficial project delivery method is the design build scenario. The team of custom home builders Billings MT at Yellowstone Basin Construction will help put together a team of reputable architects, engineers, and trade professionals to assist in the design process alongside the owners in order to develop a project that is aesthetically pleasing, performs as required, stays within budget, finishes on time without surprises. We have found that we are able to save money historically on some of the upfront design costs and can virtually guarantee no change orders throughout the project when we have the opportunity to work with our clients from inception of their ideas all the way to finished product. This is a result of one of our core values in our custom home builders Billings MT company: Accountability. If we are going to be directing the design build process and there is something that we did not see throughout the design process, we will absorb that cost and call it a learning experience.

An additional amenity we provide is customer interactive project management software. This software allows the client to see a variety of the communication transferring back and forth between Yellowstone Basin Construction, architects, engineers, suppliers and the various subcontractors. The client is able to follow along on our schedule to see the various milestone achievements and view, in real time, any requests made to and by the team members.

Additionally, we have now implemented a time lapse camera that can also be viewed in real time online. This camera serves a dual purpose of monitoring the job site as well as being able to provide the client, at the end of the project, a 1 minute video of their project going from raw ground to a fully functional building. Upon completion of the project, Yellowstone Basin Construction will also have professional photos taken and shared with the client for their use that can be assembled into a photo album either physical or online. In addition to professional photos Yellowstone Basin Construction also has a drone fly around and inside the building that is then converted into a fully edited short video that is then shared with the custom home builders Billings MT client for them to use for their own marketing or otherwise.

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Q: How do you know if you are getting the best price?

A: In the absence of value, price is the only consideration. We pride ourselves on producing a quality product on time and on budget and NOT being the lowest cost. The reason we do not try to compete on price is because the cheapest price does not allow us to produce the highest product. In order for us to provide the type of value that brings customers back to us for their next project, we make sure that we have more value to offer for our projects outside of just saving money on every possible area.
An additional value to the design build scenario is that the main subcontractors have been embedded in the project from very early in the process. This allows them to both offer up and perform time saving measures throughout the construction process that we, as general contractors may not have realized. In the fast paced business world we live in today, we recognize that any day saved on the schedule is the opportunity for the client to begin generating revenue a day earlier and further adding money to their bottom line. If Yellowstone Basin Construction is involved from early in the process, we virtually guarantee that we can save time and money for the client by getting them into their building in the shortest time frame possible.

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Custom Residential Construction

Custom Home Builder Billings Mt Services IMG 0323 4 5Yellowstone Basin Construction has had the privilege of working on and building some of the finest residences in Billings, Montana. Yellowstone Basin Construction walks our custom home builders Billings MT clients hand in hand through the entire project every step of the way. We understand that a new home is for most people, the largest single personal investment they will make in their lifetime. We want to be there to make it as comfortable and smooth of a process as is possible. If Yellowstone Basin Construction is a guest or is asked to assist in the design phase of the project, we will typically revert back to previous experience regarding layout and flow of the home as well as offer suggestions to locate particular rooms or items within a room so that you don’t realize that it would be otherwise out of place. We take the approach that in many instances, “quality is what you don’t notice.†What we mean by this, is that the function of and moving throughout the home is effortless to the point that you don’t realize that everything is where it is supposed to be. This may be as simple as the location of light switches or outlets within a room, it could be spending a little extra on some sound dampening around the media room so that you aren’t stuck listening to the high speed chase in the kitchen when it is supposed to be in the basement movie room. It may be moving a wall a few inches to the north or south so you don’t bump it when moving furniture around or otherwise creating an alcove that feels too big for just passing by yet too small for a piece of furniture.

Many times our clients are not necessarily familiar with the process of building anything, much less a custom home. While there are definitely many steps in the process, Yellowstone Basin Construction has a proven custom home builders Billings MT method for simplifying and leading clients to their desired results smoothly and with everyone staying on the same page throughout the entire project. The way it usually works is the customer reaches out to us about a project.

Generally they have a few ideas about the amount of space they will need and some details for aesthetics, maybe even a floor plan they really like and want to explore. During our first conversation with new prospective custom home clients we strive to nail down the basic details like bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, basements, how many stories, and the overall general style that the individual is looking for. Ultimately we seek to find out where you are in the planning process so that we are able to determine the best possible way to get you to the finish line. if we will be able to help you get there. After we discuss a new client’s budget, land situation, timeframes, and initial ideas we like to schedule a time to sit down and dig deep into the details. After we have that meeting we are able gather the team together and begin to develop an initial presentation of the options available .

Our main goal with each of our Residential Construction clients is to create a functional home that is free of wasted space, provides a stunning aesthetic, performs well for generations and exceeds the client’s expectations.

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Commercial New Construction and Remodel

Yellowstone Basin Construction is a full service commercial general contracting firm. We perform anything from small tenant infill projects to ground up commercial office, medical, multifamily, storage complexes, and heavy construction projects including the vertical aspects of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Yellowstone Basin Construction has worked with several Pre-engineered Metal Building manufacturers. If your need is for inexpensive Large scale storage, shop or warehouse space, then pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option.

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