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Custom Home Builder Billings Mt About A7202289Yellowstone Basin Construction opened its doors in March of 2007 with a long term desire to become the preeminent construction/contracting firm in Montana. Having a background in Residential construction, Jake decided to start there. Beginning with smaller track homes and eventually progressing into multimillion dollar custom residential projects and now onto larger scale commercial and industrial projects.

Jake was born and raised in Billings, attending Billings Senior High before moving on to get a bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Montana. During college Jake took a summer job framing homes for a local contractor and then moved on to doing siding work for a subcontractor on the same projects After college he moved around the country working at various seasonal jobs while looking for permanent work at various financial institutions during the “jobless recovery” of 2003. It was then, while home doing miscellaneous carpentry work for different family members that he decided he truly enjoyed the work and eventually took a job as a carpenter in Big Sky, MT.

After a couple years in Big Sky and seeing no real room for advancement within the company, he decided to move back to Billings and begin Yellowstone Basin Construction. After several years of doing a variety of residential projects and having done some small commercial tenant infill projects Jake was given an opportunity to do larger scale commercial projects. Having received, what he feels was some of the best pieces of advice from a fellow contractor in billings a couple years prior, “If you are looking to grow, hire someone smarter than you,” he decided to follow that advice and took on Kevin Wood as lead PM and operations manager. From that point on Kevin has been in charge of the larger scale commercial, government and industrial projects.

Custom Home Builder Billings Mt About DSC05956Kevin has a diverse background in large scale construction projects. After graduating from Montana State University -Northern with bachelor of science in Civil Engineering Technology, he went to work for a heavy civil contractor as a project engineer and project manager. His responsibilities included oversight of a variety of large scale projects from Dam construction, large diameter pipeline installation, to environmental restoration projects. After tiring of being without a permanent home, Kevin planted some roots in Billings in 2006 and has since been running work as a Commercial project manager and Estimator. Kevin brings a diverse background to the table when looking at any and all projects and his experience is a great asset to any project.

Yellowstone Basin Construction tries to instill in all employees the company’s core values of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Quality, Safety and Excellence. These core values are the principals that drive Yellowstone Basin Construction to delivering the best possible project results attainable.

Yellowstone Basin Construction is a relationship focused company. Before we begin any project, we want to establish a level of trust between ourselves and our client because we feel that without trust, there is no way to have a project flow smoothly. We try to instill that trust early in the process by being up front and honest about what a client can expect from start dates, completion dates and most importantly budget. When we begin a relationship with our client we are an open book about costs related to the job. When acquiring final pricing on the job, we provide quotes from multiple contractors that the client is welcome to review with us. We provide recommendations on who we think is best suited for the task at hand based on past past performance of the contractor, price, and ultimately who will make the best member of the construction team.

Custom Home Builder Billings Mt About DSC06463At the end of the day, quality and customer satisfaction are our two main priorities when it comes to our clients. We treat every project that we are involved in as though it is our own, and approach it as though our money is on the line, right alongside our clients. If we see an opportunity for savings, we will be the first to share with our clients, if there is a product or service that a client thinks can bring savings or value to the project, we are more than willing to research any information available to verify whether or not that is a good fit for the project. Yellowstone Basin construction approaches every job with the intention of not only performing the work on the project at hand, but is consistently seeking to be your go to contractor for any of your upcoming projects, no matter how far down the road. It is the wish of our company to be an significant part of the growth of any and all families and companies that wish to employ us. Yellowstone Basin Construction seeks to provide each and every client with a completed project that they can be proud to show their partners, friends and clients.

Safety: Yellowstone basin construction is a safety oriented company. We consistently send our employees to a variety of classes and training to assure they are up to date on the various safety related issues that arise throughout the construction process. We regularly update an employee spreadsheet with what certificates they currently possess and the expiration dates of those certificates. The training classes we typically require of our employees include but are not limited to CPR and first aid, fall protection and forklift certification.

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We also regularly have weekly safety meetings with all of our subcontractors on the job site. Although these are a rather broad view of safety, these meetings allow all of our subcontractors to be aware of what hazards may present themselves throughout the week so that they may plan their work locations and paths to and from those locations accordingly. Our weekly tool box meetings serve to inform our carpenters of the tasks and hazards ahead for the week as well. Before any carpenter begins a new task there is a brief review with the supervisor and they run through a checklist covering techniques, hazards and proper assembly. The task review is not meant to provide training, but to refresh and remind each employee that we work in a relatively hazardous environment and safety is at the forefront of a successful job.

Because of these practices, Yellowstone Basin Construction consistently receives congratulatory letters and preferred ratings annually from our workman’s compensation insurance providers.


Yellowstone Basin Construction provides a variety of services for project implementation and delivery including but not limited to:

  • Lump Sum
  • Time and Materials
  • Design Build

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