Found reveals some basic construction opened up in 2007 during the month of March. Our founder Jake had a desire to become the top construction and contracting firm in Montana. We believe that we are well on the way to doing believe that we are arty achieved. Our founder Jake has a background in residential construction and we still do some projects that we of all some of the things much bigger than residential construction. So the residential construction homes we built our multi-million-dollar homes we have even large-scale commercial and industrial projects. We believe all the hard work is allowed us to become the Custom Home Builders Billings MT.

Founder is a native of Montana and his desire is to make sure that Montana is filled with beautiful construction and beautiful homes as well as beautiful buildings. We always make sure that we are giving the best to this state euros to make it back to make sure that we are serving our community. But Jake is not the only person who is in charge here we also have a whole team of people who have great experience one of our top guys Kevin has been a part of so many different jobs. He has a diverse background it has worked on some huge projects. He went to Montana State University and has a bachelor of civil engineering technology. This allows them to be very familiar everything with. He loves building custom homes but has also been an overseer of different large construction projects and environmental restoration project. Is even oversaw the building of a dam.

We believe with all of this experience that we can definitely give you what ever type of building you need with her that is a large industrial building or residential home we can design it and work with our excellent team to give you the top-quality product that we can. All of our company and our employees have many core values. Some of the Corvallis we have our quality and excellence. We also give you the top-quality product units can alas something that we can be proud of. We give you the cheapest price of people around your neck very proud of that product without cutting people to make sure that we have a cheap product and we are able to give you every single thing you need.

We promise all of our materials are going to be high quality materials. Whenever you skimp on materials in case of it is not going to last a lifetime. Make sure all of our materials are just as you like them and something that you can trust. When spend all of our time and money searching to find the top craftsman just to give them poor materials to work with. Make sure that they are able to build you the best Custom Home Builders Billings MT.

If you like to learn more about a company go to or 406-969-5444 so we can see why people trust us to be the top Custom Home Builders Billings MT.

Custom Home Builders Billings MT

If you’re looking for a high quality contractor we believe that we are the place for you. Stone faced construction is one of the most high quality companies that you will be up to five. Always be open and answered every single step of the way to make sure that you get that Custom Home Builders Billings MT that you are looking for. You skimp on our products for our knowledge.

The top teams in the country is able to give you the best knowledge and best bang for your buck. With her so many different types of projects from industrial products to government products to residential home building we know that we give you the exact type of construction that you need this. The team problem solvers in a team that is highly skilled in his always put quality in the customer first.

Custom services always to be our number one priority because we are not to get money if we did not satisfy a customer. We always believe it is best to do our best to give you what you are looking for. You’re always going to make sure that you’re happy that you are satisfied all along the way. Whenever you leave you in the dark rose can respond promptly and prioritize communication with you. All the clients restart like family would make sure that they come back beginning in for any of their contracting needs. Bracket is give you something so to you to try to bounce out we are going to make sure that it is exactly what you need so anytime you need us in the future to come back to Elizabeth construction for all of your contractor plans. Our commitment to customer service is what makes us the best Custom Home Builders Billings MT.

One of the things that we value most is high quality products. We never going to buy materials that are not top-quality. The matter what it is from screws she recommending the top-quality sheet rock and screws available to make sure that all of going to last a lifetime. We guarantee that everything we build is going to be high-quality and is going to be the best you can get. We believe in always being the cheapest. Went to make sure that your product is going to last you a long time. Always can give you quality products no matter what that look good and are just like the ascetics like you wanted. This is why people always come to us for any Custom Home Builders Billings MT. vizard give you every single thing that you need when looking for a homebuilder.

I can learn more about our company go ahead go to our website at or 406-969-5444 and check out our beautiful gallery of the homes and buildings that we have made. We trust once you see the excellent homes you will choose us as your builder because there are no homes that are nice that built. We have built some of the united sums in Montana and we will build one for you as well.